Samuel Okoronkwo is a barrister with 29 years of commercial, professional and legal practice experience and is an expert in written and oral advocacy in litigation often involving complex technical and legal issues. His skill is in identifying and presenting the central issues in a case and examining and cross-examining witnesses and expert evidence.

Samuel’s practice areas include:

Quite apart from being an excellent lawyer he has specific industry expertise having primarily had a hands-on professional career within his fields of expertise. He represents his client’s interests efficiently and presents their cases tactfully and forcefully.

First-hand commercial experience

Samuel has worked within the sports industry for several years at the highest levels as an FA-Registered Lawyer with the highest profile personnel, clubs and organisations. He has been involved in designing, negotiating and implementing the most innovative and profitable relationship arrangements covering all aspects of talent employment, intellectual property rights including image rights, merchandising, sponsorship, licensing and broadcasting rights.

In the Construction and Engineering industry, Samuel initially trained and practised as a Professional Quantity Surveyor, starting with the world’s first known Quantity Surveying firm, Henry Cooper & Sons, established in 1775.

Thereafter, Samuel spent several more years as a Construction Project Manager during which he had first-hand managerial responsibility for the planning, organising, directing and delivery of multi-million pound construction and engineering projects.

He also worked as a Property Developer for several years dealing with all aspects of complex land assembly, design development, development appraisals, planning consents, project financing, development procurement and management, asset disposals and retention within a portfolio.

In commerce, corporations, and law firms, Samuel Okoronkwo has held senior managerial, in-house counsel positions and directorships for many years. He has had full profit responsibility for business planning and delivery including corporate governance.

A professional and commercially focused barrister

With this significant experience and broad horizon Samuel understands life outside of the law. He appreciates that legal advice and representation cannot be given in a bubble, but within a business context.

Understanding the pressures faced daily by company directors, solicitors, agents, accountants, architects, quantity surveyors, engineers or other professional advisers, he prefers to avoid legal jargon and speak the client’s language to bring a refreshing down-to-earth approach to the expert analysis of any commercial and legal matter.

Creative value-adding solutions for clients

Samuel Okoronkwo’s approach to legal practice is always to articulate creative value-adding solutions for clients whilst delivering a timely, efficient and affordable professional service. All clients conduct their affairs within the legal context and Samuel’s role is to advise on the conduct of those transactions and affairs in ways that avoid conflict and disputes.

Should a dispute, however, become inevitable, Samuel’s prior engagement would have assured that all the necessary precautions have been taken and mitigating steps adopted. Thus, clients will begin any dispute resolution in a strong position to achieve their desired objectives.

Whether by adjudication, arbitration or litigation Samuel Okoronkwo will adopt a firm, swift and decisive approach to achieve the best possible results for clients within the shortest possible time. He recognises that no two cases are the same so he will adapt his style as is necessary to suit the occasion.

To speak with Samuel, please call 020 3034 0077 and ask for his clerk Dan Sullivan or e-mail